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Oliver Poole 2 - Tengo Dolidze.jpeg

Oliver Poole, a virtuoso pianist & composer committed to using music for positive impact, garners acclaim worldwide for his extraordinary artistry and captivating performances. Recognised as "A True Master Of His Instrument” (Helen Spoelstra, BBC), ”Outrageously Talented" (Dubrovnik Times), “Oliver Poole le magnifique” (L’Orient-Le Jour), he has enchanted audiences globally with electrifying drive and interactive improvisations. From debuting as a soloist with the British National Youth Orchestra at age eight to historic performances with the St. Petersburg Philharmonic, Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, and appearances at prestigious venues like the Royal Albert Hall, his musical journey reflects a dedication to excellence.


Beyond classical realms, Oliver collaborates with diverse musical figures and has composed for Nobel Prize winner Svetlana Alexievich's play. His versatility extends to collaborations with major brands and exclusive performances for events like the global launch of Haig Club by David Beckham. With recent and upcoming projects including a Sky Arts holiday special and a new album of Plachta's Piano Concerto with Grammy winners Czech National Symphony Orchestra in 2024, Oliver Poole continues to shape the musical landscape with his unparalleled talent and commitment to making a positive difference.

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